Afghanistan: Ever Get Feeling Want To Go, Stay, Go?

There is increasing evidence that many European nations are rethinking their commitment to the war in Afghanistan. Danish officials are currently examining a plan which would result in the complete withdrawal of all their servicemen from Afghanistan within two years. They are citing President Obama’s proposal to have American troops out of that country within a few years. Reality is there is no prospect of any capable Afghan army being prepared to assume leadership of their country and meet the Taliban on a field of battle. George Bush wasted seven years with his meandering and confusing Afghan policy and President Obama is left to pick up the pieces.

The unanswered question is what would happen if the United States informed President Karzai that US and NATO troops were leaving his country within 12 months unless he clears out the corrupt officials who currently run the government. Would he act or wait it out and dare such an evacuation?

Anyone have the guts to test this one out?