Afghanistan Faces Insolvency

The nation of Afghanistan faces the prospect of becoming insolvent due to inability to pay debts. The International Monetary Fund rejected offers by President Karzai for $820 million in order to cover debts owed. The IMF wants the Afghan government to pass tax laws that would raise money to repay any funds that were loaned rather than depending upon US government funds to pay for their debts. It also wants criminal charges imposed on managers who robbed the bank blind. President Karzai is upset at this blatant violation of his right to steal at will. After all, he is president of Kleptomania.

However, there is another solution, one that will please members of the Republican party. Why not simply, privatize Afghanistan? Place the country up for sale. Perhaps, a group of women could purchase Afghanistan. I’m certain some old fashioned American female wisdom can clean up the situation. I assume that once in charge of Afghanistan, the following laws would be passed:

1. All Muslim men in Afghanistan can not leave their house without permission of their wives.

2. All Muslim men on leaving the house will be compelled to wear a burqa that also covers their face.

3. No Muslim men will be allowed to drive a car. If they want to be in a car, it must be driven by a female.

4. Muslim men will be restricted to a schooling of three years, after that, it is back to the home for cooking, cleaning, and caring for the kids.

5. Upon arrival home, a Muslim female should be greeted by a man who is dressed in a sexy fashion.

6. Muslim women will be guaranteed sex on demand.

It is time for Afghanistan to become fiscally responsible and its men become responsible to the women of the land. Let’s face it, Afghan women could not do worse in running the country compared to what the men have done!