Afghanistan Fight Getting Better Says Mullen

Eight years ago, several thousand American troops along with Muslim allies swept through Afghanistan and defeated the Taliban. Fast forward until today and there are now 58,000 US troops in the country with thousands more on the way. Secretary of Defense Robert Gates
and Chief of Staff Mike Mullen told Senators the situation is improving and they hope to have even more positive results in eighteen months. “It’s very important for us to be able to show the American people that we are moving forward,” said Mullen. Actually, the issue is not telling the American people things are improving, the issue is actually having a plan to defeat the Taliban.

Mullen and Gates insist the Pakistan army is now on the offense against the Taliban and American and other European troops are finally doing something to clear out the Taliban. The only way the Taliban will be defeated is for the Afghanistan government to create an armed force and instill the nation to defeat the enemy. Will that be true ten years after the invasion of Afghanistan? Check with use eighteen months from now.