Afghanistan Forever-A Disaster

Former President George Bush insiste on invading Afghanistan in the fall of 2001 and then proceeded to demonstrate a complete lack of interest in developing the country in order to establish a sound economic base that would lead most Afghans to support a government. The Taliban did flee in 2001 but since Bush and his buddies, the dyanmic duo of Cheney/Rumsfeld had no interest or understanding on what was necessary, the ineffective Afghan government was taken over by kleptomaniacs whose only goal was stealing money. A decade passed without serious nation building except for building up the fortunes of American business enterprises to amass huge profits doing what local Afghans should have been doing-building factories or roads or schools.

Today, President Hamid Karzai fears, not the loss of American troops so much, as the loss of money from the CIA which, allegedly should go to the Afghan people, but usually winds up in the hands of the Afghan kleptomaniacs. Hamid is angry because he wants money, lots of mnoney, but he does not want any supervision as to how that money will be handled. So, there are possible talks to discuss how Hamid gets his dough and the US hits the road. A disaster once again in Afghanistan.