Afghanistan Forever Divided

There are moments in my life when I believe the war in Afghanistan has always been in progress. During the past thirty years war has been the norm in that sad nation in all but five years. To be an Afghan one wakes up each day knowing that some place in your fair land someone is killing someone over something. Three prominent Afghan leaders have been murdered by Taliban militants within a week. The latest occurred when a bomb ripped through a gathering when Law Minister Israullah Gandapur was greeting peope at his house who had come to mark the Islamic holiday of Eid al-Adha. Just another example of celebrating one’s heritage with a bomb.

The bombs go on and on. One suspects the Taliban has absolutely no idea exactly what they seek to gain at a peace conference. They have incorporated Death into every aspect of Life to a point at which one is just like the other. Pakistani Taliban murder Muslims and Christians, but at least Afghan Taliban only focus on Christians.