Afghanistan Forever!

There is a land far far away which is called “Afghanistan.” This land is rather mountainous and contains places for peopel to hide. About a dozen years ago, a great American warrior, known to history as George II(not to be confused with George III) sent his warriors into this land to kill, destory, wipe out, eliminate, and get rid of bad people who the world knows by the name of “Taliban.” As always George II did a fantastic job and before long there were no longer any bad people in this far, far away land. When George II sets his mind on something, you can be assured that it will be accomplished. In this case, George II also had set his mind on protecting job creators in the United States of America which meant he had to shift from Afghanistan to the more important issue of protecting our job creators from the evil demands of people we call, “Democrats.” If only George II had been allowed to turn over the country of Afghanistan to American business people, the bad people would long ago have been gone, and the people of Afghanistan would enjoy winter vacations in Switzerland.

Anyway, I do not understand but these Taliban are still around and preventing American job creators from creating jobs for themselves. George II introduced great training programs for the Afghan army, but this black dude, some guy named Barack Obama, sort of screwed up the entire program. Anyway, twelve years later US army General Joseph Dunford has come out with this crazy idea that Afghan’s army is having some “problems” with the Taliban. I have no idea what type of problems could possibily be causing trouble to the Afghan army. Anyway, this Dunford dude actually believes American advisers will be needed in the coming years. The Afghan army only has 350,000 men.

It is time to turn the country of Afghanistan over to American job creators and let them go to work. A few thousand McDonald’s would do wonders for job creation. How about a bacon and cheese sandwhich for our Muslim customers?