Afghanistan Gets Worse, Not Better

Senator John McCain is urging the Obama administration to emulate the strategy in Iraq of sending more troops to Afghanistan in order to crush the enemy. He insists that working with cooperative militant groups will succeed in Afghanistan as it supposedly did in Iraq. He questioned National Intelligence Director Dennis Blair and wanted to know whether President Obama was reading to send in sufficient troops to accomplish what he believes is the right strategy in Afghanistan. “I can only say the president is more impatient than you are” and argued there was need for further study of the situation. Blair admitted the Afghan government’s control is “decreasing and that is a bad sign.”

Afghanistan is not Iraq and the McCain simply will not work in the more complex nation which has dozens of local leaders and the Taliban are able to achieve success through a combination of fear and creating conditions of law and order. There are numerous havens for insurgents unlike in Iraq where it is easier to control the borders. But, McCain being McCain will not grasp the situation is different and there is need for new strategies.