Afghanistan In Chaos, Says Report

Once upon a time about ten years ago there was a wonderful prince who ruled in the United States and he said it was time to bring democracy to the poor land of Afghanistan. He sent in troops, they got rid of the bad people who ruled the nation and were soon replaced by a new group of bad people who ruled the nation. A recent report by the Inspector General for Afghanistan Reconstruction, points out that the new bad guys are just as incompetent as the old bad guys. General Arnold Fields notes that only 2.2% of Afghan soldiers are even literate and that includes the most elite of their fighting men. There are scant long term planning and money is simply wasted- or winds up in the hands of the bad guys who currently rule that land so far, far away. Perhaps, someone in charge of the American government can explain why after an entire decade we can not even develop a program that teaches soldiers how to read and write, let alone how to fire a weapon?

There are no reports of Taliban militants ready to surrender, but General Fields points out there is no plan to integrate these men into the Afghan armed forces let alone into Afghan society. What was that about fiddling as Rome burns……?