Afghanistan In Our Minds

It is now over a decade since the American people first became aware that a nation named, Afghanistan, actually existed. It is now a decade of Americans fighting and dying in that far off land and the prospect of fighting still exists. President Barack Obama has decided most American soldiers will depart from the far off land by the end of this year and a few thousand will remain next year to allegedly continue “training” Afghan forces. General John Allen, who commands US forces in Afghanistan, will be leaving next month, but is optimistic.

General Allen insists the main task of US forces was to advise, train and build capabilities of the 325,000 man Afghan army.  He is  pleased because this army is “further along in capabilities than we had anticipated and I am very comfortable with their being in the lead in 2013.”

Gee, I thought the  desertion rate in the Afghan army was at least 15% per year.