Afghanistan Is In Stages Of Complete Collapse

The legacy of George Bush live on to haunt whoever becomes the next president of the United States. Suzanne Koelbl, writing in Der Spiegel, reports at a recent gathering of 12 envoys and generals in Afghanistan, there was unanimous agreement the situation i Afghanistan had collapsed and any chance of victory over the Taliban had disappeared. The Taliban could have been completely destroyed in 2001-2002, but Bush diverted resources to the ill-fated Iraq invasion. She believes those in Afghanistan feel abandoned because people at home have tuned out the reality of the situation and the war drags on, soldiers and civilians die, and the end result is frustration and a sense of doom.

British General Mark Carleton-Smith recently said a victory over the Taliban was “neither feasible no supportable” and the Bush response is to call for more troops in Afghanistan. Most western diplomats and soldiers in Afghanistan believe the government of President Karzai is corrupt and has lost support from its own people. She reports a new American intelligence study will be released –after the election on November 4–which asserts the Karzai government simply is unable to offer a suitable alternative to the Taliban.

Saudi Arabia is holding secret talks with the Taliban and Afghanistan leaders in order to attain a compromise agreement. Many people joined the Taliban out of frustration with the Karzai government and they may be the best hope for some rational agreement. If John McCain wins the election, there is little hope of rationality in Afghanistan, just more and more and more troops.