Afghanistan-Land Of Madness!

It took seven years for Americans to win their battle for independence against England, and we are now in our twelth year fighting in Afghanistan. The US government has announced that it is leaving that land of mountains and valleys, but to President Hamid Karzai they can not leave unless they have given into his demands. I just picked up a rumor that, in reality, President Karzai is a secret member of the Tea Party which has led to demands that President Obama and Secretary of State John Kerry must give in to HIS demands of ELSE! Kerry has headed off to Kabul to shoot the bull with Karzai about the “or else” demand. Karzai apparently wants the United States to promise to protect Afghanistan against all enemies.

The Taliban will gain control over large areas of Afghanistan once NATO and US troops depart. A Karzai stooge will be president. Corruption will go on and on. Ineffective men will run the government. War and death will continue. We suggest that Karzi contact the Republican party for assistance in shutting down American foreign policy.