Afghanistan Remains Afghanistan

Hamid Karzai will remain the ally of the United States, a nation which he has denounced for having negative attitudes toward the people of Afghanistan. President Obama flew to Kabul, not only to praise US troops, but to sign an agreement under which the US  will provide military assistance to Afghanistan until at least 2024. This means many of we older folk will not be around to celebrate the conclusion of  American activity in that far off land. Even as the president and Karzai signed a document, Taliban forces launched attacks in Kabul.

Reality is that our Afghan allies will NOT be able to defeat the Taliban. In some way or shape some sort of agreement must be reached witht the Taliban. It is clear that Afghan forces will be able to control parts of the country, but they cannot drive out the Taliban. The tragedy is when some sort of agreement is reached the women of Afghanistan will be left without rights.

A mess of the first order is the reality of Afghanistan. Believe it or not, children, some day, some far off day, the last American soldier will be gone from that far off land.