Afghanistan Slides Backward

There is not a single nation in the Middle East which is led by someone who respects human rights and seeks to create peace and harmony in his society. From Afghanistan to Syria to Israel to Egypt to Libya one leader after another is bigoted, refuses to   respect opposition rights and prefers power over human rights. Nelson Mandela will die within a few days, a man who reached out to the opposition and created a society, which not perfect, still seeks to foster harmony and the right of opposition groups to speak freely. Afghanistan continues its slide backwards since President Karzai is more concerned with how his   extended family divides up the spoils of power than govern the nation.

Islam Bibi, a courageous woman who rose to hold the highest position in the police force for any female is now dead. Her brother constantly threatened to kill her unless she ceased behaving in this modern way of  female rights. She was shot down on her way to work because Islam refused police protection. Afghanistan will become a nation in which war is the way of life.