Afghanistan Violence Escalates

Violence in Afghanistan is reaching levels not seen in years as the situation continues to deteriorate amidst growing chaos. In a damning indictment of the international effort in Afghanistan, more than 100 aid agencies said security makes it difficult for them to do their job of assisting the people of the war torn nation. The umbrella organization noted: “There has been a surge in the number of civilian casualties caused by all sides, a spread of insecurity to previously stable areas, and increasing attacks on aid agencies and their staff.” Despite claims by some US agencies to the contrary, the aid groups emphasize, “So far this year, the number of insurgent attacks, bombings and other violent incidents is up by approximately 50 percent on the same period last year.”

In the province of Helmand where most British forces are concentrated, the UK lost 13 soldiers in June, more than three times the dealt rate in the same period last year. The report blames the Taliban for causing two-thirds of civilian deaths, but also points out increased use of air strikes is a major factor in rising civilian deaths.

The emphasis on military action is definitely a necessity, but failure to focus on developing the economy and dealing with the issue of drug farmers does not add to stability. Coalition forces have also failed to bring into the mix neighboring nations such as Iran which have intense dislike of the Talbian.