Afghanistan-We Knew You!

Defense Secretary Leon Panetta let loose with some honest comments over the weekend regarding American relations in that far off land known by the name of -Afghanistan. He defended  the policy  of departing in 2014 on ground that at some point Afghans had to assume responsibility for saving their own land. “We’re on the right track” to get the hell out of that land was his refrain. Panetta also expressed dismay at arrest in Pakistan of Dr. Shakil Afridi who made the mistake of aiding US efforts to capture Osama bin Laden.

Even as Panetta expressed reality, Mitt Romney expressed the opposite. He is opposed to identifying a date on which to leave. Mitt is one tough dude when the issue is fighting. During the Vietnam, while thousands of Americans died, he spent the time on his Mormon mission to France. If one wants to remain alive, what better place than France instead of Vietnam??