Afghans Caught In The Middle– Flee From Fighting

Six years ago a combined American and Afghan force drove the Taliban from power. Instead of remaining to completely crush the Taliban, American forces were sent to Iraq in search of those never found WMD. In their wake, a population was left to deal with government forces on one side and the Taliban on the other. Yesterday, Afghan civilians got caught in between opposing forces when a combined Afghan-US force attack a village. When the shooting ceased, a militant was dead and so were two children while several women were wounded. The object of the attack was a supposed base for suicide bombers. Last week in Khandahar province a large battle took place between coalition units and the Taliban. After the battle ceased there were dead Taliban and hundreds of farmers also left the area. As Zarif Khan noted: “Our livelihoods depend on the pomegrante crop, but the stupid Taliban came and star ted fighting.”

Newspapers report how many died or were wounded on each side, but there scant attention is paid to the cost to civilians. In this situation, hundreds of farmers fled at harvest time leaving crops in the field that no one will harvest. Is this the only way wars can be fought?