Africa 2014 Dark Continent Of Hate

The nineteenth century was a living hell for the people who inhabited the continent of Africa. Hordes of European soldiers and diplomats and missionaries arrived in order to bring the word of God. Their message was that God was very unforgiving and He particularly had great hate for anyone who did not adhere to the basic rules of life on this planet. A man and a woman fell in love and married. Anything else, was a dagger aimed at the heart of God. By the end of the nineteenth century over five million Africans were dead and untold millions slaved in the mines and fields of sites run by Europeans in order to become wealthy. Somehow, in this war against Africans, one idea did filtrate into the minds of millions. It was the hatred felt in America and western Europe toward the idea of homosexuality. Nineteenth century lessons of morality are alive and well in Africa even though they are ignored in the US and Europe.

Uganda just passed a law that sends homosexuals to jail or to beatings for openly displaying their feelings of love. Nigeria, the most populated nation in Africa just passed the Same Sex Marriage Prohibition Act which already has led to the arrest of dozens of homosexuals in the country. As President Goodluck Jonathan commented: “it is a law that is a reflection of the beliefs and orientation of Nigerian people.” Frankly, his statement is accurate. Nineteenth century morality is alive and well in most African societies in the twenty first century!