African Bishops Not Happy Over Gay Bishops

Anglican Bishops from African societies expressed their disappointment with efforts by the Church of England to allow gays and females to serve as bishops. Rev. Dr. Daniel Deng, arch bishop of Sudan, blasted developments in Canada and the United States where gay clergy are being ordained and same sex relationships are blessed. “This has not only caused deep divisions, within the communion,” said Deng, “but it has seriously harmed the church’s witness in Africa, opening the church to ridicule and damaging its credibility in a multi-religious environment.” He called on Rev. Gene Robinson, who is an acknowledged gay, to resign in order to save the church from division within its ranks.

The Rev. Deng argued “God is not making a mistake creating Adam and Eve–he could have created two Adams if he wanted. If he(Robinson) was a real Christian he would resign.” He essentially argued the resignation of Robinson would result in traditionalist bishops feeling they could return to the church. His complaint was in line with numerous arguments being expressed at the Lambeth Conference by individuals representing virtually all views.

One issue not explored by the Rev. Deng is what if She went ahead and created two Eves, would the bishop be a happy man?

  • journeyer58

    I have some words for the bishops from Africa, that would have a duly elected and sworn bishop resign because of his/her sexuality. Phhhhhhbbtt!
    G-d did not make junk, and G-d is in the business of redemption and grace, the bishops of Africa must be mistaken when they say that Rev. Bishop V. Gene Robinson, should resign.
    The Anglican’s are in turmoil because the Churches of America and Canada have dealt with the issues of sexuality and gender in an honest and open way. Without the rancor and bigotry of the African bishops the hierarchy of the Canadian and American Anglican churches decided to allow people who are different, the chance to minister and be what G-d intended them to be.
    The Conference in Jerusalem, is now on the verge of breaking away from the “Mother” church and will if they continue on this path. Should this happen, the African and other churches aligned with them will be the ones to lose, for they will be cutting themselves off from the grace and mercy that comes from being inclusive instead of exclusive.
    Much more can be said about this issue, but space is limited and I should be aware of the requirements of your website.

  • Fred Stopsky

    I appreciate your comments. They are very insightful.