African Leader: “Mugabe An Embarrassment”

Raila Odinga, Prime Minister of Kenya, described Robert Mugabe as “an embarrassment to the African continent. He lost an election and refused to move on.” Despite his personal loathing for the two bit petty tyrant who terrorizes the Zimbabwean people, Odinga is working hard to find a solution that will allow the Zimbabwean Movement for Democratic Change which actually won the presidential election, to gain an entry to power. Her persuaded the MDC to hold talks with Mugabe. Its leader, Morgan Tsvangirai, had refused until Mugabe pledges to cease killing, brutalizing and jailing members of the opposition.

Mugabe has gained one piece of fame in world history, his government is probably the first to issue $1 billion notes. The economy is in ruins and now Mugabe is threatening to seize foreign owned businesses, a move which would lead to severe economic retaliation on the part of world business groups.

The prospect for a peaceful resolution of Zimbabwean problems is slim, but the world can hope.