African Ministers Try Reason With Mugabe

A high ranking delegation of southern African ministers met with President Robert Mugabe for one more time in an effort to get the wounded tiger of Zimbabwe to devote at least a moment to the needs of his nation rather than to his bruised ego.Angolan Foriegn Minister Jose Jaoao Miranda urged the president to join with all political parties in an effort to have a fair election. Executive director Tomas Salamao of the SADC said he would like to meet with opposition leader Morgan Tsvangirai but he is not in the country. No, he is not in Zimbabwe because to do so would probably result in his death from the thugs who roam the nation assaulting those who dared to vote against Mugabe.

The SADC and everyone in the wrold except Robert Mugabe knows the only solution is for a fair election to be held under African Union supervision in order to ensure the Zanu-PF thugs cease attacking innocent people.

The reality is there is slight evidence Mugabe has changed his mind about continuing as president. The African Union can talk and talk but until real action is taken, the thugs who run Zimbabwe will continue their murderous behavior.