African National Congress May Divide

South Africa, like many nations on the African continent which obtained independence forty or fifty years ago, had in place a powerful revolutionary party which moved right into the position of assuming leadership of the government. In South Africa, it became accepted that candidates of the African National Congress would win key government positions such as president of the nation. Minor parties have always existed in South Africa, but they may now have new opportunities to have leverage on government. The African National Congress is in the process of dividing after Jacob Zuma forced President Thabo Mbeki to resign as president. A new political party is being formed by dissidents who have left their party in disgust at the tactics of Zuma.

The division of the African National Congress is a good sign for democracy in South Africa. Minority parties will finally have a voice in government and will be able to serve as watchdogs of democracy.

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    why anc its been like this. after all the things we had fought for