African National Congress Seeks Compromise

The African National Congress has asked President Mbeki to appoint its deputy president, Kgalema Motianthe, to Parliament. Motianthe is a left-wing intellectual who is an ally of Jacob Zuma, president of the ANC, but who faces criminal charges for money-laundering, fraud and raceteering in court. Zuma and Mbeki have been fighting over leadership of the ANC, and since Mbeki’s term as president soon ends there is need for a compromise candidate if Zuma is convicted of the charges. The ANC dominance in South Africa ensures its candidate will be elected president next year.

Zuma has aroused anxiety among South African busness leaders due to his inflammatory rhetoric and his close ties with labor unions so there is need for someone who can maintain stability and prevent creating a financial crisis in South Africa. The last thing the African continent needs is another Zimbabwe economic fiasco.