African National Congress Threatens Democracy

Since the end of apartheid in South Africa the African National Congress which was led by Nelson Mandela has dominated politics. Mandela was a believer in democracy and fought to protect the rights of minorities, but the current situation in South Africa poses new problems for the ANC. The party has split down the middle and become two parties which means the long dominance of the ANC in parliament is now threatened by a combination of minority parties and the splinter ANC group. Helen Zille, leader of the Democratic Alliance (DA) blasted the ANC for bussing in its followers in order to prevent her from speaking. “We will not be intimidated by political thugs… There is a new fluidity in South African politics. The ANC is the weakest it has been since 1994 and the opposition is growing stronger.”

South African President has set the election for April 22 and called for “the right of all political parties to campaign in a politically free atmosphere.” However, the core leadership of the ANC will not allow its power to be weakened and it will fight to prevent the splinter group allying with minority parties in order to create a new political alliance.