African Union Tired Of Mugabe Stall Tactics!

The African Union increasingly is tired of stall tactics by President Robert Mugabe of Zimbabwe who refuses to accept demands to share power with the man, who most probably, defeated him in the presidential election. AU chair, Tanzanian Foreign Minister Bernard Membe said, “we would prefer a solution be arrived at immediately because of the escalating economic crisis. We still pray that a solution will be found towards a 50% power-sharing solution.” Mediation efforts have broken down because Mugabe fears surrendering any power to Movement for Democratic Change(MDC) leader, Morgan Tsvangirai.

To make matters worse, Mugabe will not allow international relief efforts to proceed without making them adhere to his rules and regulations. Several international groups have been unable to provide food and other necessities because they did not fill out the correct registration papers. Thousands may die, but Mugabe wants papers to be filled out.