After Berlusconi, Comes ??

The people of Italy for over a decade basked in the warmth of Silvio Berlusconi who promised the good life even as he indulged in it just about every moment of his waking or sleeping life. He paid no attention to tax reform, to reorganizing and modernizing the government, or to stimulating a modern industrial and high tech society. However, he did enormous progress on sleeping with women and that alone should earn him a place in the Italian political hall of fame.

Matteo Renzi, mayor of Florence is attempting to be another dynamic attractive leader, but without the daily sex life Silvio, the Sex God for Women. Matteo is young, Internet savvy, talks about stimulating the economy and encouraging young Italian creativity. Matteo, unlike Italian politicians who feed at the trough of business, Mr.Renzi seeks monetary support from thousands of young Italians and those fed up with the stagnant society left behind by Berlusconi.

Naturally, most Italian politicians regard anyone who wants reform as somewhat “abnormal” or catering to the population rather than to those with money. Hell, this guy wants to take away cars and high salaries for doing nothing and their bodyguards. What next-actually do a full day of work?? I believe they want to reign in Renzi.