At age 82, among the constant thoughts in my mind is whether or not there is another life in my Death. A recent poll in Denmark revealed that 71% of so called Christian Danes do not believe in the concept of Heaven, it is not clear how they feel about the concept of Hell. Only 16% believe there is an afterlife. This attitude indicates that something has gone wrong with organized religion. If over 70% of people do not believe in an afterlife then what the heck are they going to church of synagogues or mosques for– to hear someone preach? The essence of religion is  predicated on the assumption that if I endure endless sermons and fulfill duties to the religion the least I can receive is some form of afterlife.

As far as I am concerned there is no problem transporting me across the universe to some distant  planet where intelligent life forms do not engage in constant wars and murders. I can readily enjoy an afterlife on some planet where love reigns–for eternity!!