Aftermath Of Death

The bodies of those killed at the Boston Marathon have yet to be laid to rest, the dozens of bodies still in hospitals are receiving treatment, but there will not be any change in how we Americans handle death. Over twenty children were murdered and the best solution yet offered to handle such a tragedy is the need to spread weapons of destruction to even more people. There will be solemn speeches, there will be vows of getting evil doers, there will be the sorrow on faces of those whose loved ones were killed or maimed, but there will not be any changes in handling such disasters. I am certain pictures of the dead and wounded will soon be appearing all over Boston, but not a single change in behavior will emerge.

Ironically, we have increasingly become adept at promising to do something to end the death of innocent people. Frankly, the reality is there will always be sick individuals seeking death and destruction. Throughout human history death is a welcome guest in our lives. The real questions deal with long term changes in human life that possibly might lead to fewer such carnages.