Aftermath Of Death

The death of Osama bin Laden did not end discussion about this man, it simply opened a new chapter in the life of an individual whose presence will simply not die away. The Pakistan Foreign Ministry is upset at the “unauthorized unilateral action” in their nation. No one in the US military bothered to check with Pakistan officials concerning an attack that would take place in their country. Pakistan Foreign Secretary Salman Bahsir termed this failure as “disquieting” since his nation supposedly was an ally of the United States. In other words, killing Osama bin Laden raises new issues concerning relations between the US and Pakistan.

Of course, nit pickers are jumping into the discussion about what happened. Pakistan real estate people want the world to understand the house of Osama bin Laden was NOT worth $1,000,000 as claimed by US officials, but only $250,000. If Americans who conducted this raid didn’t even know the worth of the house being attacked how can anyone believe anything they say happened? If this important fact is not true, how can we believe they actually killed Osama bin Laden? Show us the body!

Of course another mystery is how could US helicopters fly into Pakistan without being detected. The answer is simple- a military which could not even detect a notorious criminal in its midst could hardly spot helicopters flying through its nation’s skies! Anyway, the good news is one of Osama’s daughters told the Pakistan ISI she saw her father killed. Then again, would anyone believe anything said by the ISI?