Aftonbladet And Freedom Of The Press

Israelis have every right to be upset by the recent Aftonbladet story which was based on rumors and lacked an concrete evidence to support allegations that members of the IDF killed Palestinians in order to harvest organs for sale. Italian Foreign Minister Franco Frattini met with Swedish Foreign Minister Carl Bildt in an effort to tone down the firestorm of anger which article sparked. “There are limits to freedom of the press, ” he said, “that stem from respect for the truth.” A noble expression, but, unfortunately, members of the media have the right to spew their hatred to a gullible audience.

Anyone who has been around the US these past few months has witnessed an explosion of lies, distortion and mockery of the truth by those who hate Barack Obama. The Aftonbladet article does not contain any actual evidence and, most probably, is the creation of one sick mind. However, we people have the right to be bigots, stupid, and hateful. We can not legislate the right of an individual to hate the truth. Mock them, respond to them, but do not silence these voices of anger and lies. The court of public opinion retains the right to be lied to, it retains the right to read hatred/

Israelis have to take a deep breath and relax. We Americans are enduring a campaign of hatred such as few nations have endured. We will make it through the night without imposing censorship on the haters.