Aftonbladet Guilty Of Spreading Lies!

The right of Palestinian people to have their independent nation and to reclaim the West Bank from the illegal actions of the Israel government continually are discussed on this blog, but the recent story in Aftonbladet is shocking because it allows those who have violated international law to escape by citing the trash published by the Swedish newspaper. Donald Bostrom presented a story that contained no hard evidence, no attempt to contact Israel institutions like Forensic laboratories and constantly refers to vague references to those who can prove what he wrote is correct. As David Stavrou, writing in The Local, notes: “anything goes as long as it can summon up the words, Israel, war-crimes, and stolen organs. Bostrom mentions interviewing an Israel soldier but no name is cited or how he relates to the alleged stolen organ fairy tale.

Stavrou raises an important point about the story. If the aim of the IDF was to kill and then harvest organs why did they shoot victims in the chest and stomach which would most probably destroy the organs they wanted? Bostrom simply is trying to sell the old “blood libel” story of Jews that is used by anti-semites.

It is important for those who seek peace in the Middle East to avoid providing ammunition to haters on either side. The Aftonbladet article has provided right wing Israelis evidence the world is against their nation. Focus on peace, not hysteria.