Age Of Spying

Years ago, the United States of America was known as the “leader of the free world.” These days it increasingly is known as the leader of the spy world. Within the space of a few months, President Obama has apologized to Mexico, Germany, France, Brazil, and probably a few other nations that remain unknown–for the moment. He insists that American spying on leaders of nations that allegedly are our allies, is a shock to him. Here is a leader who has displayed absolutely no mercy to Bradley Manning of Edward Snowden for releasing information about American spying, but is adamant that HE has the right to spy and spy! Each passing day provides evidence that the man who wanted to become a great leader is simply a hack who fouls up every opportunity to display leadership -of the free world.

These revelations simply indicate the limitations of Barack Obama. He lacks the ability to stand firm for democracy and surrounds himself with those preaching fear. He has become the flip side of George Bush.