Agony Of Women In India

Members of the American Republican party are continually furious at Democrats who claim they are engaged in a “war against women.” In defense of Republicans, the “war”they rage against women in America would be regarded as loving platform for women in the nation of India. We recently reported about a woman who was gang raped in a village because she could not pay a fine imposed for the fact she slept with a married man. It now turns out that police have discovered videos made by the rapists who thought they not only had a right to rape, but to make a video of the rape. The woman, who is Hindu, slept with a married Muslim man, and when it became clear that she could not pay a fine, the headman told one and all in the village: “Since they(woman and man she slept with) are to give you the money, you can have fun with her and do whatever you like to her.” The police actually arrested someone for raping a woman, and in this case found the videos they made of their sexual performance.”

The government of India will build a home for the woman which will be about 15 metres from where she was attacked. It would be shocking if the men actually wound up in jail. I assume they will sell rights to their videos to the highest bidder.

Oh, as of this date, there is no information if the man who slept with the woman will face any problems in life.