Ah Anthony, We Knew You Well–Or Did We?

Congressman Anthony Wiener apparently is a man who is very Liberal with displaying the parts of his body. Unlike those Conservatives, who prefer displaying the un-seemingly parts of themselves by using words to disguise their desire to fuck the American people, Anthony Wiener prefers to show it all–and we mean, ALL! Women are placing on the Internet, dozens, sorry hundreds, of pictures of the gay caballero from New York displaying God’s gift to his body in all its prominent glory. The congressman from New York represents an area that in the old days was the stomping ground of Murder Incorporated, and when Bugsy Siegel displayed a bulge, it was a gun. I realize that Anthony also has a gun that fires, unfortunately for him his gun does not fire bullets. A new item from a woman in Nevada shows Wiener saying he had a “ridiculous bulge in his shorts.”

I give up attempting to cover our political leaders. We have Ms. Ignorance Sarah Palin displaying the bulge in her head known as “the brain” which comes forth with a ridiculous story about Paul Revere, and we have intelligent Anthony Wiener attempting to prove his body is one to set women gasping for breath and desire to become intertwined with him. Examine the list of those seeking public office:

Newt Gingrich who dumps his wife in the hospital in order to complete his current affair.

Mitch Daniels, whose wife leaves him for another man and then returns.

Mitt Romney who proves when it comes to displaying his virtues, there is nothing but hot air.

Michele and Sarah–just print their names, what else can you say about their abilities!

P.S. Are there any possible candidates in Iceland?