Ah, For Days Of Adolf!

There are still milliions who have fond memories for the days of dear old Adolf Hitler, the man who knew how to kill. There are still  many who prefer their communities rid of the riff raff who make life unbearable because they dress in old clothes and or smell dfferently. For many in Europe “those peope”go by the name of –Roma. They inhabit the fringe of society and they simply have large families not like the desired one or two children. Gilles Bourdouleix, may of Cholot recently became very angry at the sight of some Roma who were illegally setting up tents. What else could he say but, “maybe Hitler did not kill enough.”

Yes, those were the times, no Roma, no Jews, and certainly no gays in town. Just decent, hard working white folk. Oh well, the good news is this man spoke what was in his mind while others think these thoughts and express other words. At least, a bit of honesty.