Ah Mitt, We Miss You

Ah Mitt,where have you gone now that we need you? Gee,I miss the old days when Mitt would have those gatherings of the good old rich men’s folk where they discussed days of making money and forgetting about those without in order to talk about those with.It was all so sweet and innocent. We knew the job of government was to make money and ensure those who knew how to make money did not stay up at night worrying about the economy.Today,the crazies have taken over Congress and the only worry on their minds is whether some wetback got across the Rio Grande. For some reason these nut cases don’t care if the entire country collapses so long as we make certain no woman can get an abortion and no one on welfare can eat-OUR FOOD!

Ah Mitt, bring back the old days of open greed.Tea Party folk just want to protect America from those seeking to take their money. Which is worse for America–the collapse of our economy or some bum eating our food??

Ah Mitt, we really do miss you!