Ah Pakistan, Will You Ever Change?

It must be fascinating to live in Pakistan. People enjoy observing thugs shoot down little girls while members of the armed forces gaze fondly towards the cricket field  wondering if they have time for a game. The blatant shooting of 15 year old Malala Yousufzai merely confirmed the position of the armed forces that  killing little girls upsets them greatly, but they must be realistic and not become angry at the killers because one of them might kill an army officer.

The Taliban  walk the streets of towns, carrying machine guns and threatening people knowing full  well their wonderful army will never lift a rifle in exchange. After all, insurgents check with local members of the ISI to make certain they have permission to kill X or Y. They know Pakistan’s army will never wander into the Swat area because someone could get killed. And, they certainly prefer 15 year old girls being the victim.