Ah, The Beauty Of Lies!

I am quite aware that politicians in the Democratic Party lie through their teeth, but if there was a World Series in lying, Republicans would win in four straight games. They possess the power to lie about their own lies and attribute what they lied about to Democrats. I found it fascinating when Scott Brown won the special election in Massachusetts last year, Republican pundits insisted this was an omen of disgust with President Obama. Two weeks ago, Kathleen Hochul won a surprising victory in a Republican congressional district and Republican pundits proclaimed light turn out, did not get 50% of vote, etc… Examine the lie batting average:

Newt Ginrich blasted the ideas of Congressman Ryan about Medicare only to complain about being misquoted. He meant criticism of right wing social engineering was what Democrats were saying, not him.

Mitt Romney was for health insurance before he realized he was against it.

Republican congressmen when questioned about Obama’s birth responded, “he says he was born here.”

Sarah Palin wanted to place Democrats in her gun sight because she wanted to take a better picture of them.

Republicans insist there was no war in Afghanistan until Obama began one.

The death of Osama bin Laden was due to George Bush who refused to have him killed in 2001 so he could claim credit for killing him in 2011.

Bill Clinton left George Bush in 2001 a budget that showed a surplus of over $200 billion. George Bush left Obama a budget in 2009 with a deficit of over $1 Trillion. See, the Democrats are the cause of deficits!

If Barack Obama really wanted to get out of Iraq he never would have begun a war there in the first place. Just ask Ron Paul.

Republican congressmen, who receive free medical care from THE GOVERNMENT, insist they are against THE GOVERNMENT giving free medical care to Americans. I guess that means they are not Americans.

Republicans are against Welfare programs by the Federal government. Of course, lower tax rates on the wealthy are not welfare programs, they simply reward hard working people.