Ah,1900, Redeux!

Once upon a time in the United States of America we had millions of men and women working in factories that were dangerous to their health and lives. The infamous Triangle Waist fire led to the death  of dozens of women. Bangladesh is similar to the world of a hundred years ago, businessmen do as they desire because they are “job creators”-to use ideas of Mitt Romney. As a job creator they know best what is best for their workers. If you raise the income tax by one percent these job creators will depart for Bangladesh. Last week in that country, job creators forced thousands of workers to return  to a factory which had cracks in the walls. Police warned it was dangerous, engineers warned that it was dangerous, but if one is a  job creator, it would be cruel to fix the walls and deny people seeking work the loss of pay.

The building collapsed, hundreds are probably dead and the job creators have been arrested. Bazlus Samad, chair of New Wave Buttons and New Wave Style is in police custody along with Mahmudur Tapash who ran the factories. They are charged with “death due to negligence.” I will have to check with Mitt Romney about the legality of arresting job creators.