Ahamdinejad, The Man Alone-For Good Reasons!

Iranian President Ahmadinejad has a propensity to alienate those who seek to become his friend, if not his supporter. President Dimitry Medvedev has been a firm ally of Iran during the crisis over its nuclear development program. But, even he had to call a halt to unlimited belief in Iran’s assurance there was no possibility their nation would develop atomic bombs. Medvedev had merely reassured Iran of its support from Russia while urging it to adhere to UN requests about atomic development. But, ANY critical remarks are interpreted by Ahmadinejad as an act of betrayal. “Russia is a great nation, and we are interested in continuing friendship between the two nations,” he declared, “but his(Medvedev) remarks are part of a propaganda drama that is to be carried out by the US president against the Iranian nation. In fact, Mr. Medvedev has kick-started this campaign.” Nonsense. Russia is desperately attempting to assist Iran, but when you have demagogues running a nation who have lost contact with reality, only slavish adherence to their words is accepted.

Russia has still to make a final decision on selling missiles and other weapons to Iran. Please listen to the words of Ahmadinejad before deciding.