Ahmadinejad Again Displays His Stupidity

iranian President Ahmadinejad once again proved he is a man whose mouth barely disguises his ignorance of what is important to Muslim people in the world. The Iranian government angrily disassociated itself from an Arab and Islamic attempt to reach out to Israel with a peace plan that could restore stability and foster economic prosperity to the Middle East. The Ahmadinejad government is furious the advertisement calling for Israel to agree to restore the 1967 borders contained pictures of the flags of all nations including that of Israel. The Iranian government told newspapers it was furious that Arab leaders were agreeing to broker peace with Israel whom it termed an “illegitimate” regime. It does not want its flag displayed in any such effort because the Iranian government is committed to violence, distrust, and hate as the only way to bring peace to the region.

The Palestinian Authority which is obviously directly involved in these negotiations took the initiative of placing the ad in Hebrew language newspapers. A Saudi Arabia newspaper published the ad but a Jordanian one refused. What exactly do those opposing the advertisement propose–continue the present non-functioning peace process? More violence? More hate?