Ahmadinejad Makes Sense?

We inhabit a strange world when the rant of President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad make more sense than the supposed cool intelligence of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. The Iranian president offer a sound analysis and some words of wisdom to his American counterpart. He quietly noted, “Mr.Obama haw only one chance and that is Iran because only working with his could result in a diplomatic triumph for the American leader who is unable to achieve the semblance of success in the Middle East. “Obama can not do anything in Palestine. He has not chance. What can he do in Iraq? Nothing. And Afghanistan is too complicated.” However, if he wishes to cooperate with Iran there is a possibility of some sort of diplomatic success.

OK, Ahmadinejad is a nut case who frequently makes outlandish statements, but he has opened the door to some type of discussion with Iranian leaders. Why not follow up on these remarks and challenge Ahmadinejad to transform his words into action?