Ahmadinejad On Defense As Rivals Blast Him!

Thousands of Iranians, many of them women, took to the streets in another mass demonstration against the policies of President Ahmadinejad. To add to his problems, an important cleric, Akbar Hashemi Rasfanjani sent an open letter to the Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, accusing Ahmadinejad of lying about his record and that of former president Khatami. He accused the president of “mis-statements and fabrications” and asked him “to resolve this position in order to extinguish the fire whose smoke can be seen in the atmosphere and to foil dangerous plots to take action.” Even as the letter circulated in the country countless thousands were demonstrating against a man who is slowly losing support of key figures in the nation. Khamenei has already rebuked Ahmadinejad for his remarks in the debate with Mousavi.

Women increasingly are assuming a major role in the election. They are not only prepared to vote but are in the streets waving banners, organizing demonstrations, and openly expressing their anger toward Ahmadinejad. Hopefully, this is a sign women are going to demand equal rights in Iran.