Ahmadinejad Relaxes On Rhetoric, Sees Hope In Future

President Ahmadinejad told reporters he regards the US intelligence report, which decries complaints that Iran is pursuing a nuclear weapon program, as a positive step” and expressed hope that Washington would take “more steps like this.” He believes the ceasing of American tirades against alleged Iranian atomic bomb programs will lead to change and pave the way “for resolving he regions’ major problems.” When asked exactly what the United States might do to improve relations, he urged the Bush administration to “respect the rights of countries in the region(Middle East). Ahmadinejad also wants an end to sanctions against his nation since it now has evidence that nuclear development has been for peaceful ends, not military. He also promised to continue talks on nuclear issues. “We believe that nuclear energy does not mean an atomic bomb.”

Reporters asked Ahmadinejad about his attitude toward Israel and the president responded that his nation does not feel “threatened by the Zionist regime.” Ahmadinejad did not utter threats against the security of Israel nor were there angry words against the United States. Unfortunately, the current leadership in Washington D.C. has no idea how to follow up on the potential for real discussions with Iran because Bush/Cheney prefer the rhetoric of anger and hate to the calm discussion of issues. There is little evidence Bush is ready to negotiate with Iran nor is there any evidence Ahmadinejad would even be able to enter into a calm discussion about issues separating the two nations. Most probably the world will have to wait for a few years until a new president assumes leadership in both Tehran and Washington D.C.