Ahmadinejad-Secret Heretic!

Recent comments by President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad reveal the presence of a secret secular man in charge of a fanatic religious government. In an amazing comment to the people of his  land, the president revealed a secret side to his way of thinking. “You cannot impose things b y  issuing decrees and directives, a choice imposed by force has no value  whatsoever. In some universities, female students are forced to wear the chador, but the way they are forced to wear it, it is  better not worn since it becomes worthless.!” Wow! Where has this Ahmadinejad been hiding for the past several years?

He also decried asking prospective government job seekers questions concerning their use of alcohol or their sexual activities since those behaviors are part of their personal life. He decried questioning male university student if they wanted to shave off their beard. Is this man the reverse Ahmadinejad?