Ahmadinejad To Bush–I’m Not Afraid!

President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, while on a visit to Turkey, said the recent invasion by Georgia and the resulting counter-attack by Russia had proved the United States was nothing more than a paper tiger that speaks threatening words but can’t back them up. “It is not possible for the United States, which even failed to protect its ally Georgia, to attack Iran. The US could not even protect its own ally. US clout in world politics is decreasing. Moreover, it is in a major economic depression. We will see that the US empire will crack and eventually collapse. There is nothing that the US can do against Iran.”

The Turkish newspaper, Zaman, also said the Iranian president indicated at meetings held with officials that he was not backing down on his nation’s right to continue nuclear development. When asked about the Geneva nuclear talks, he responded: “There is no compromise that we will make. Their hands are empty. They can’t even protect Georgia.” However, he told Turkish President Gul his nation was willing to negotiate with the West on nuclear issues.

As always, the Iranian leader blamed Israel for all Middle Eastern problems. “The time is up for the Zionist regime. Many world nations do not want it anymore.” It is unfortunate Ahmadinejad is unable to approach any discussion of the Middle East without ranting and raving and blaming Israel without any recognition groups like Hamas have played a role in hindering peace efforts.

Perhaps, one day the American people will finally understand how George Bush has undermined conditions for peace in the Middle East and now he has created new problems in Europe by building missile bases on the border of Russia.