Ahmadinejad-Told Hit The Road

President Ahmadinejad was undoubtedly gietting visions about how one man could stand up to the clerical reulers of Iran and show them who was boss. The former bureaucrat has been involved in government for too many years and during this time has grown accustomed to being the top boss–or at least he thought that was his position. A few months ago, Ahmadinejad decided to fire the head or Intelligence, Heydar Mosehi only to be reprimanded by the Grant Ayatollar Ali Khamenei. The presdent took on the Aytalloah and guess who is going to win>

Ahmadinejad told a key adviser, “Khamenei gave me a deadline to make up my mind. I woudl either accept the reinstatement of Mosehi or resign.” At least 90 MPs are demandintg to talk with Ahmadinejad about his defiance of the old man. The bad news for President Ahmadinejad is the head of the Revolutionary Guards, Mohammad Ali Jaferi is with the Ayatollah.

Who knows, maybe Ahmadinejad wil wind up in a prison cell with the moderates he jailed!