Ahmadinejad Warned To Respect The Law

Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has been confronted by reformers demanding respect for their votes and their right to freedom of speech and assembly. Now, hard line conservatives are furious at the president for his brutal actions in dealing with protestors as well as his defiance of Ayatollah Khamenei. The Islamic Society of Engineers, a political group close to parliament speaker, Ali Larijani, warned in an open letter to Ahmaindejad that he must be sensitive to the views of others. “It seems you want to be the sole speaker and do not want to hear other voices.” Larijani has been furious at Ahmadinejad’s brutality and beatings of those who protested his disputed victory. Conservatives do not approve the use of force, torture of prisoners and killing of the innocent.

Ahmadinejad has yet to understand every time he prevents peaceful demonstrations all he does is fuel the desire to throw him out of office. He clashed with Ayatollah Khamenei when he appointed a family member who is disliked by most conservative Iranians. An unknown factor is whether Ahmadinejad would draw upon his followers in the armed forces to hold onto power and in so doing create chaos in Iran.