Ahmadiyah Muslim Sect Banned

Historically, the nation of Indonesia has displayed a remarkable open attitude toward diverse religions even though most people are Muslim. The Ahmadiyah area Muslim group which differs from mainstream Islamic ideas, and for years it has been allowed to practice its brand of the Muslim religion, but forces of hate now control many aspects of the Indonesian government. The Bekasi municipality has issued a decree which bans members of the Ahmadiyah branch of the Muslim  religion to practice their faith.

The municipality decision follows in the wake of the Indonesian Ulema Council which issued an edict in 2005 declaring that members of this group are “heretics.” Even more horrific  is failure of the Indonesian government to place on trial a group of men who murdered three followers of the Ahmadiyah faith.

What ever happened to freedom of religion in Indonesia?  Why has a society which once felt pride in allowing diverse religions in its nation to become a junior version of Saudi Arabia?