Ahmadiyya Sect Assaulted In Indonesia

Historically, Indonesia has been a Muslim society in which people of diverse religions have been free to practice their own ways of connecting with God. Indonesia is also the birth place of the Amadiyya Muslim sect which originated in the 19th century and endeavored to foster the concept that people could only come to their religion in a peaceful manner. Members of this sect emphasize peace and good will to all. As in the case of any branch of a religion, that offers a different interpretation of official versions, these Indonesians have endured persecution and hatred from fellow Muslims. In recent years their Muslim opponents have become more violent and demanded the sect be disbanded by the government of Indonesia. President Yudhoyno has not endorsed these ideas, but he has remained quiet and passive in the face of brutal attacks on innocent people. He recently called on the police to keep things calm even though thugs from other Muslim groups have attacked followers of the Amadiyya sect.

The issue is not simply remaining calm in the face of violence toward humans. If Indonesia believes in freedom of religion, it also means Muslims who do not agree with the majority.