Ah,To Be Powerful!

There are laws for those with power and wealth and there are laws for the rest of us on this planet. Dominique Strauss Kahn(DSK) was charged with assaulting a maid in his hotel, arrested and then given bail. Subsequently, doubts arose as to the credibility of the maid since there is evidence she might have been involved with drug people and may have discussed with a friend how to use DSK in order to make money. Ordinarily, in cases where a witness is tainted, the normal course of action is allowing the person charged with a crime to plead to a misdemeanor and everyone goes on with life. The attorney for DSK met with prosecutors and then told the media: “Mr. Strauss-Kahn will not be pleading guilty to anything.” And, this is a firm decision.

He has the money, he knows his own private investigators can dig up information about the maid which would doom her case so why admit to any wrong. Grab the first plane back to France and find a nice maid in a French hotel who will accept some money.